Jan 07

The Nelsons

oh, haven't you heard?
of the nelsons,
the famous family
that does nothing but mine?

of sheldon, the father,
working hard to support everyone?
him coming home, 
hands dirty, but smile bright

of rana, the mother,
working with her husband?
hair pulled back, 
makeup smudged but arms welcoming

of azucena, the first daughter,
the dynamic duo with her own husband, syzuka?
the two of them, hand in hand
accomplishing all that need be done?

of tricia, the second daughter,
the always helpful hands?
loving all,
never discriminating against everyone?

of flaviana, the final child,
a teetering girl bouncing everywhere?
quiet yet loud,
a comforting presence around all?

no? none of them at all?
well, you're not missing out on too much,
so don't worry.
you'll see them soon.

insp. by my family in a game i play - elnea kingdom. my character is syzuka.