Jan 08
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Last Light

Last Light

A young sparrow in the height of its known,
Is yet as much an insignificance in life of the ruler.
Would a flight able of such dis-magnitude,
Be the fleeting light of a final day?
Come to rest on the dreams of such memories.
In the ripple of hope in darkness
That spreads through the mind and will.
The slowly slipping keep of wit,
Of that which was years spent into.
Can despracy bring understanding?

The learner flies,
Bringing with it the half seen ending of its superior.
It’s paths branch farther that it can see,
Though some believe it no use.
Wishing of the simple and knowing of the great.
The one that steadys all,
Though is feared in silence.
No one of many ages would share this fear,
Mostly because it’s simply take it for granted.

A tale well known might shift feasible limits,
But if reality itself took such turn the world would work against itself.
A wisp of nothing becoming the turn of an end,
Though hoped of, makes rulers bow to commons.
Would such an act count against true mortality?
Or work hand in hand with spiritual fulfillment.
If a soul is released at the keeping of reality,
Does the ruler control consequence?
Has the almighty power of predictability forsed freedom to its grave?
The young student of life still thinks nothing of this,
As the breeze carries a dark past and a light away.

CallumR 2019