Jan 09
Maisie N's picture

Magician's Code

I placed quarters behind my ears
Filled my suit with hankerchieves
Looking for a bit of magic
To make life more entertaining
A rabbit hops out of my hat
And I hear people laughing
So I make myself a spectacle
To keep their eyes on me.

I captivated your attention
With a deck of cards up my sleeve
So that when you shook me to my core
You watched in disbelief
As fifty-two rectangles fell to the floor
Not cards, but memories
And I threw myself down to cover them
What I could not let you see.

It is hard for someone like me
To live in a world so chaotic
For I can juggle clubs, lit flames
Clamor, cry for your attention
But once the balls are in the air
What do I do then?
They fall, the bounce, slowing down
Painfully, regretfully resillient.

So what else do I hide up my sleeves?
Behind my ears? In my hat?
Well turn off the lights and I might tell you softly
Or are you to clever for that?
Would you believe if I told you the truth?
That what you see is what you get?
Would you still love me if you knew?
Or are you in love with the illusion?

You asked me how I performed
But a magician never reveals her secrets
Besides, some things are better left unexplained
Like feelings and magic tricks
Some things we know for certain
The color of the sky, the cards in a deck
But sometimes we can make these change
When we wonder without asking questions.