Jan 10

take a right turn

My head is in the clouds, it’s true,
but wouldn’t you rather be here too,
floating above everything that everyone says
you can’t do.

Where colors mix with words
and you can see the glorious patterns
of brushstrokes floating in the sky,
connecting what we thought we knew and
what we don’t.

Where the stars are so much sharper,
but we always look beyond,
into the darkness that doesn’t want to be defined,
making homes in the blankets of galaxies and

Where our dreams are not scorned,
and tapestries of all our ideas weave together
in a cloth of genius that people will only understand
after we are six feet under.

so let go of your sanity,
that fragile thread and then
come wander with us
in a place the others can’t see
because their minds are so confined
by what’s possible and what’s not.

we’ll jump over the clutters
of winding words in the minds of writers,
the splashes of paint and dark lines in
the minds of artists,
the strings of rests and music notes
living in the hearts of musicians,
the puzzling strings of equations
scattered across the sharp edges of a

pieces of bright shattered glass
litter the floors and we waltz around
in clothes that look like they swallowed
the void.

hair floats in an invisible wind
as we dance to a dance
that no one else can seem to understand,
limbs twisting and turning while
we embrace every missing part of the universe.

i know you see us,
and If you take a right turn just before
a free star and
sing a little melody,
you might just find us.

About the Author: Nightheart
"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion"- Albert Camus