Jan 10

Soldier Takes To The Air

Smoke lines his face as the echoes around him dim,
his heartbeat seems too clear.
His head turns to see the face of his comrades,
some jerking with the force of a bullet and thudding on the cold dirt,
some holding fast to firing guns,
watching as soldiers on the other side land heavily to the ground. 

He sighs as pain floods into his side and blood flows out,
I wish I could fly
he whispers,
I wish I could fly,
He stares longingly at the blue sky, 
still so beautiful on this cruel day.

His body falls to the soil, unsatisfied,
still hoping with the naivety of a child
that it could fly.

He feels the pain beginning to fade,
the darkness emanating from all sides,
he allows it to wash over him,
so tired,
he sighs his last breath of air,
tasting with it the tang of smoke
smelling the heavy hang of blood.


He opens his eyes, 
and watches his body disappear from sight
as he takes to the air.

About the Author: Michmich