Jan 14
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My Dearest Friend

My name is Hannelius.
I am the best friend of a litte girl
named Abigaile.

My name is Abigaile.
My best friend is 
named Hannelius.

We'd do everything together.
We'd play pretend, 
we'd dress up like princesses,

We'd perform concerts for
my parents, and we always
ate the same thing for lunch:

Peanut butter and banana
sandwiches with
plain Lays chips.

I've always loved
my dear friend Hannelius;
ever since I created her.

Abbi created me within
the depths of her small
toddler world.

Hannelius was always
by my side. She
never left me, at all.

As Abbi grew older,
I started to fade. She
was beginning to forget me.

I grew up, forgetting
my dear friend Hannelius.
She faded from my mind.

Abbi started going to school,
where she found real,
living friends.

I loved school, a 
place where I
had made real friends.

She still loved me,
but I wasn't important
to her anymore.

Hannelius wasn't my world
anymore. She became a distant
memory, one to be forgotten.

Abbi grew up to become
a beautiful young lady.
She lived her life to the fullest.

I loved life and enjoyed it.
I had a wonderful marriage and beautiful
children. I couldn't have been happier.

Her children and husband loved
her dearly, as I once did.
She was the happiest I'd seen her.

My children grew up, and
had children of their own. My
husband and I became grandparents.

Abbi loved her grandchildren, and
told them stories of her life.

But she never told them about me.

The thought of Hannelius was
dead. I'd forgotten her for
years. She wasn't anything to me anymore.

Her husband died shortly after
their fifthtieth anniversary. Abbi
was heartbroken.

My dear husband left me
alone in this cruel, cruel world.
He died, leaving me lonely.

Abbi got older, and soon developed
Dementia. The poor woman was always
confused, and didn't know where she was.

Then one day, I remembered my
friend, Hannelius. I drew her memory
from the back of my mind, and recreated her existance.

"Hello, my friend," I'd said, "Where
have you been?" I touched her hands,
trying to comfort her without being bitter.

"Dear Hannelius," I replied, "It's
a pleasure to finally see you once again!"
I nearly jumped for joy.

After that day, I forgave her for 
forgetting me and continued where
we'd left off. I stayed with her.

Hannelius stayed with me 
throughout the rest of my
life. She was there for me.

The day that Abigaile died,
I died a little inside. My
creator had stopped existing.

Hannelius was by my side the
day I passed away. She cried
as much as my own children did.

After her death, I felt myself
slipping away. But a new creator
had taken Abbi's place.

"Are you Hannelius?" I asked. 
My great-grandmother had just passed,
and this figure had appeared suddenly.

"I am," I replied to the little girl,
"What is your name,
little one?"

"I'm Gretchen," I replied.
I smiled at Hannelius, my
new friend.

"I'm happy to meet you," I 
said, "You and I will have many adventures

"I'm excited, Hannelius,"
I replied to her. She took
my hand.

"I will never forget your
grandmother, little one.
She was my dearest friend,"

About the Author: Leah.W
"True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less" -C.S Lewis