Jan 15
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My first memory from when i was a little kid, i have a really bad memory so i dont remeber a lot. The first thing i ever remeber was i was at the killington daycare and my mom worked at killington and it was nap time, i didnt like nap time, so when the daycare people thought everyone was alseep i snuck over to door, but the door had a baby proof handle so it took me a while to figure it out but i eventually got it, then i looked both ways in the hall way to make sure no one saw me seeking out, then i ran across the hall to the other room. THERE WAS THE TEACHER i quickly ran around the corner to my moms office. She was mad then she procided to tell me how i do it every day so i sat in her office till napped time was over eating cheese doodles then nap time was over, and i could go play again.
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