Jan 20
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Down the Aisle

  I only remember snippets of the day my uncle got married. I remember me getting dressed into my little suit, spiking up my hair with gel in a back room. Then my aunt talks to me about how brave I am for doing this. I don’t really know what I am about to do at this point that would make me “very brave”, but I just sat there and waited to be told what to do next.
  I was a little scared and worried since I wasn’t with my parents in the seats they were sitting in. But before I got the chance to ask anyone about the reason why I wasn’t sitting with my parents, a strange lady hands me a pillow. I look at the pillow and wondered why I was holding this, it looked like they wanted me to take a nap? But it seemed that the pillow would be a bit uncomfortable since the it had two rings tied to it.
  Now at this point I thought, what a strange pillow. Before I could think anymore of it, the lady who handed me the pillow told me to follow her. She opened these curtains to reveal a bunch of people sitting around a straight aisle. The aisle led to a big arch of flowers and several men and women standing around it. The lady told me that I slowly have to walk down that aisle.
  I still remember the feeling of paranoia and surprise flowing through my body after hearing what the lady told me. I had to walk down, what looked like to be, the longest and loneliest aisle on Earth, by myself. I was in worry when they told me to get ready. They led me to the curtain along with my cousin as the flower girl. I had to lead. I walked slow enough so that the flower girl could spread her flowers evenly throughout the floor down the aisle.
  I was scared to the bone until I looked at my parents in the group of people sitting in rows smiling at me, people making comments on my suit, my other uncle gripping my shoulder as I walked by him. My feelings turned from fear and embarrassment to happiness and thankfulness.
  Once I finally made it to the end of the aisle, I got the rings to where they needed to be, I went and joined my parents as well as my grandparents. I will never forget that moment.

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