Jan 23
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Why can’t we all accept the fact

That some people are different from the way that they act

It’s scary to be so open and true

And worry that people will not support you

That they’ll tear you down and chomp you to bits

And hate the fact that you are different

Different from the poisonous folks

Who think we should all be the same type of bloke

That school of thought is truly perilous

Those schemes of society rancid and nefarious

There are small threads of ourselves that we allow to draw forth

From the corners of us that are buried and scorned

It’s hard to lift yourself up high

Because it’s so easy to fall down and cry

Staying trapped your own safe little bubble

Keeps you intact and out of trouble

No need to worry about being pounded to the ground

If you’re flexible enough to mold into the crowd

Maybe people don’t know what is truly there

What you’re really like, because you’re too scared

To actually leave the frame that is shared

By all who find it so hard to be brave

To give up the acceptance that so many crave

Maybe it’s better to stay in the mold

Then you’ll never have to go out and face the cold

The cruelty and punishment of a conformist world

It’s better not to let the petals of protection unfurl

It’s better to stay closed up, tightly curled