Jan 24

On Love and Growth

I wrote a short story about someone I think I love. 
I'm not sure how-
how I wrote the story or how I love them. 
I changed things a little bit, so people wouldn't suspect.
They didn't. 
This happened a while ago: going on a year, a good year, a year full of 
full of
I'm not quite sure.
For a time afterwards, I regretted writing it. 
I felt love no more. I liked to think that I had matured, moved on, become...
But today I look back at my short story
and I realize what I thought for a time afterwards was true. Not in the way I had thought. 
My love has matured. Become better. It is no longer just a childish carefree love, but a love deep, based in a mentality that we share. The most careful, protected love. I know better now, than to just love the surface.
Even if I'm not sure how I love-
at least now I know I do.