Jan 25
fiction 0 comments challenge: Lost


I woke up, all I saw was a black forest, in the darkness. Where am I? I wondered. Is this just a dream? I got up and decided to walk around to try and find my way back home. After a bit of walking, I hear weird creepy music. I knew, since I always watch horror things, to run and not go near it. But... It outsmarted me. Something, like a clone of me, but creepy and spooky appeared in front of me. I screamed. I tried calling for help. It kept following me. I ran as fast as I could until.. I tripped. I fell to the ground, the clone like thing of me held a knife. Was this the end? I screamed for help but couldn't be heard. I woke up later, in my house. Was it just a dream? I thought. I got back into bed trying not to think of it.

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