Jan 29
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    I have really good luck. Whenever I wish something would happen it does. Even if I just think it. Which most people would think that is a good thing. And it can be. But sometimes I feel like it’s a curse. There is no excitement when it comes to anything anymore. I don’t feel accomplished whenever I do something good. It all just naturally all works out for me. But if I ever say anything to myself or to anyone else as a joke it actually happens. So I have to take the term “Be careful what you wish for” very seriously. Yes, I do get things I want and I never have to worry about things going wrong. But I don’t like it. I don’t have any mistakes to learn from. I can’t make relatable jokes. And I don’t have any surprise or excitement in my life. All I’m saying is if you don’t have amazing luck like me and wish you did. You should be happy that you don’t have to deal with all this.
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