Feb 01
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                                                                          By Megan Schmidt

Courage? What is it? do you courage or do I even have courage.
Courage is a big word, its basicly used everywhere, like if your in a school musical  and you somehow end up with the lead role, courage is something you need in a situation like that. I do gymnastics and thats is a big thing because if you arent brave you probaly break a bone. Courage is sometimes rare like a comit or seeing a brodway show. teachers always say " have courage I belive in you" And then the students don't belive in them well you should. If you say I cant do this well courage will step right up and say " well yes i can i will do this and nobody will stop me from doing what i want to do. Image courage as a person Their great and amazing and will always be there for like a best friend. wellllllll I dont know if this helped or not but, I belive in you....

                                           ~ MEgan SchiMIdt 
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