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The beast: Vermont writes day

Jimmy had walked by the sign for years, it had always intrigued him, even though he was a bit frightened by it. The sign read; Join the RLC. Jimmy didn't know what it meant, in fact, that's what made him so intrigued. ¨I'm going in¨ he said to himself ¨Im going to join that… that… that thing, whatever it is.¨

Jimmy walked into the red brick building and what he saw first only made him more intrigued. It was a human skull with what appeared to be octopus tentacles coming out of its eyes. When the tentacled creature noticed Jimmy, it retreated inside the skull. Jimmy shivered. ¨uhh¨ he said disgusted.

   As he walked farther into the building he saw more and more strange tentacled things.

By the time he arrived at the first set of stairs he was too creeped out to walk up them, The stairs were riddled with worms, tentacles and slimy life, the handles connected to the walls appeared to be made of human muscle and skin. The ceiling was made of brittle, cracked bones. He heard a voice from what had sounded like the second floor say ¨you can't leave. Please don't leave¨
¨i can't do this i can't do this!¨ Jimmy said to himself as he ran for the doorway in which he had come in. He reached for the handle, ¨please please just let me out!¨ yelled Jimmy as he struggled to pull the slimy handle.

¨please don't go!¨ said the voice.

Jimmy finally managed to get the now tentacle covered door open. He walked down the staircase and noticed that everything had changed. The city's buildings were broken and the glass windows on them were shattered. The streets were deeply cracked and oozing green liquid similar to the color of the tentacles he had seen everywhere seeped into the cracks. Smoke raised from the cars and ground into the sky, the air was a dark crimson color and there was a large tentacled beast in the sky similar to the octopus creature he had found in the building, accept much larger, and it was consuming the building he had just came out of. There was a person in the sky being sucked into the mouth of the beast in the sky. Jimmy came to a sudden realization, the realization that that man was the same man he had heard in the building.

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