Feb 02
fiction 0 comments challenge: Lost

Just a Dream?

The sun shined bright in my eyes. I stretched and let my eyes adjust to a new day. When they did, I noticed I wasn't in my room, in my bed. I was on a beach. I lived in Colorado, which is landlocked. But this was no lake beach. I could smell the salty spray of the ocean. I got up, still in my pajamas, and looked around. No one was there. I saw a sign on the other side of the beach, so I walked over to see. I got there and almost fell backward because of how surprised I was. The sign read: Penikese Harbor, Massachusetts. We had read about Penikese in school. It was on the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts! I started to get scared. My heart pounded in my chest, my breathing was shallow. 
"It's just a dream, Lina, It's just a dream..." I thought. But it felt so real. How was this possible? How could I have gotten from Colorado to Massachusetts overnight? And in 1921? I was lost. I missed my parents. I missed my friends. It had gotten to the point that I missed my enemies, too. I missed my cat and my dog, my cows, my horse, I crumpled to the ground and cried. It felt like I stayed there for 14 hours, but I had no idea how long it had really been. I found a goose feather I tucked into my pocket. I sat by the ocean. 
"13 years old is too young to be separated from your family, from your life," I thought, sadder than I had ever been.
I fell asleep there, and I woke up to a gentle voice softly calling my name.
"Lina. Lina, wake up, sweetheart," I opened my eyes to see my mother softly stroking my cheek.
"Mom?" I asked. I relaxed into my bed.
Later that day, I stuck y hand into my pocket and found the goose feather I'd found on Penikese. Now I knew.
I don't know how or why, but this wasn't a dream.