Feb 04
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Dear God if I can't wake up tomorrow from these bruises and cuts, that tear up with sorrow. please send me to the day.. I had my first ice cream cone, send me to the day I had my first kiss, send to me to my first laugh, send me to that secret path, that led to the apple tree out back, where I met a gentle deer. When I arrive pull this knife from my back, erase the scars from my heart, hold my hands in yours and put this puzzle back together. Make me beautiful again, paint my eyes with pink so everything looks lovely, color in my cheeks again so I look lively, collage my memories, of happiness, I hope you can accept me.. unlike this world has. Please tell me, You like my crooked smile, my stretch marks, my acne scars, my snorting laughter, my quirky personality, my broken half, my dirty hands and tarnished mind. Could you? Look down at me and shine? Let me see it in your smile, let me feel it in your touch, I want to hear that rolling stream again, watch the sunlight peep through the trees, smell your freshest of breezes, which lap at the petals of the buttercups, feel cool grass tickling at my feet. You amaze me, how did you paint the sky such a perfect blue? I've tried to mimic it, but everything you've touched is just as you want it. Irreplaceable, unforgettable, A miracle.. If you are there to take me, I know you'll accept me..just the way you made me.