Feb 15
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In our culture today, so many believe

That to succeed in the future they must overachieve

Happiness will come in the future, though

Because they’re gonna earn so much dough

Right now the focus is on standing out

Showing everyone what you are all about

But here’s the thing, the problem at hand

There seems to be a decrease in demand

Because aren’t we all trying hard to be special?

Dying to be the number one most successful?

If everyone’s trying to stand apart

All equally accomplished, all knowing and smart

There’s not enough space for all of us

The ones that just barely don’t make the cut

Will spend their lives full of regret

Always to worry, always to fret

Without being the best one in the world

The edges of prospect will start to curl

That’s what they say, so it all must be true

It’s not about being happy for you

This is the message that keeps being sent

Minds twisted and shriveled and constantly bent

Towards the path that leads to a presumed wonderful life

Without the constant worry and strife

But only a few people get that power

And over the rest of us they all must tower

But maybe being happy is about more than that

Maybe it’s about the true simple fact

That if you do what you love and win when you can

We might all be able to equally stand

Together, as one, all of us proud

Of every accomplishment, all of which are allowed

To be beautiful, interesting, wonderful, great

Not feeling that in our lives we’ve made a mistake

Everyone is different, and there’s room for all

To feel important, not to feel small

Don’t fall under the societal thrall