Feb 21

How Are We Supposed to Know?

Are we supposed to know when we fall in love?
Is it some unmistakable feeling in the pit of your being that you can't excape?
How can you tell the difference between
 a silly schoolgirl crush and something so important that you have to fall into it?
How can people say "I love you" when there is no clear way of knowing if you're in love or not?
Maybe there is and I've just never been in love.
Why does this have to be so complicated?
Everything seems so strange.
Without boundaries of any kind, no definition, no clear articulation,
There is nothing I can do but puzzle over all the funny little jolts in my stomach that didn't used to be there.
And my mind is spinning around in circles,
Repeating and
Repeating and
Itself until the only thing I hear inside my head is a name.
Is this what love is? 
Or am I just confused?
I can never tell anymore.