Feb 24

How To Talk To Us

This, is how you talk to me. 
You look me in the eye, 
And you say hello, 
And if you want you can shake my hand, 
Because I don't bite, and I will shake back. 
Simple so far, don't you think? 

Ask me a question, and I will answer. 
We can start talking about our differing, or possibly similar thoughts on politics, music, art, life. 
Tell me a story, and I will react. 
I will laugh at your fun expierences, and share sadness with your unhappy ones. 
Listen to what I am saying, and I will feel appreciated. 
Because you are giving me a courtesy not everyone gets. 
Simple so far, don't you think? 

And the only reason that I'm telling you this, 
Is because you find it so hard
To talk to me, 
Or my friends, 
Or "people like me."

And you always find an excuse. 
Today it's because we have our heads in our phones. 
Tomorrow it's because we are dealing with hormones. 
Next week it will be because you have nothing in common 
With social-media obsessed, dramatic, growing, teenagers
That are probably suffering from one kind of depression or anxiety or disorder or a mixture of them all. 
Not so simple anymore, right?

Maybe, you are the ones who make it so complicated
Because we are just like you, a few years younger.
And yet you still find these excuses, to not know how to talk to us, 
Because you fear our differences. 

But how can you find those common things, 
If you won't just talk to us 
Like we are already one in the same.