Mar 01
poem 0 comments challenge: Alone
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My house

As the door shuts the dishes start to dance
Maybe it's just my house by chance
But I do know that the couch is the leader of them all
And when we leave they seem to have a ball

The bookshelf starts to sing
And the books jump and land on the floor with a ping
I'm not sure how this happened to the house
But I know it scares the mouse

The cupboards watch it all
And when they see us drive in they seem to shout a call
Was it a spell from a witch
Is there a way to save them, Is there a hitch

The beds all seem to stand  
But when I try to move my bed he never lend a hand…
I'm not sure what to do,
I could argue with my mom until I was blue

They all don't believe me, they say I have a big imagination but when I walk by the furniture I know I see them wink.
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