Mar 04

How "we" end

When we said goodbye I didn't think it was going to end the way it did 
I thought I would leave still loving you and you would just move on 
Instead, we screamed and cried 
Now we just hate each other 
You begged me not to leave but I think we both agree that now we want nothing to do with each other 
At first, I wanted to leave because I knew we were no good for each other but this time I wanted to leave because of your hate 
You screamed and called me names as if that would make me want to stay 
When I think about that part it makes me sick 
You yelled the words "You're not worth it anymore" 
And when I hear those words 
I think "When was I?" 
It seemed like I was never worth it unless I was leaving you 
Then suddenly your heart ached and you couldn't handle life without me 
You said you wanted me while you were with him but you never did anything to make "us" happen 
Now I know you just wanted someone to bitch to when he wasn't what you wanted at the time 
You wanted someone to go to when he was on your nerves or he wouldn't listen to you because it's always good to have a backup right? 
You said that you were willing to leave him for me but then you would be doing to him what you did to me as if that would make the situation better 
And if we got back together you would then wait for someone better and leave me yet again 
Is that all you know how to do? 
This is not an "I hate you" letter
This is my "healing" letter 
I'm sick of losing the people I love and you're sick of loving me 
So I guess we both win now 
Goodbye and don't call