Mar 08
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We rush to the basement to hide from the monster. The monster that is tearing up my home. My sister’s my parents home the home that his been in my dad’s family for 3 generations. We huddle in the corner as we listen to the to neighbors houses being eaten up like a Thanksgiving feast. Next will be our home swallowed up like a  child with candy.

    I hear it the wind pushing it closer to us, closer to the end of my family. My little sister cries, my mother screams, and my dad just sits there with a look of terror on his face. And I, I just sit there like I don’t care but really I do. This house is all we have. It holds all of the memories of my family hanging around on the holidays. It has all of our family portraits all the bay toys from my sister and I. If we lose it there is nothing left.

    To think this house was going to be mine in about 12 years. All of the sudden I hear a screeching as if the wind has just carried the roof away. I look up at the old wooden floor to see if there is any light coming through the small little cracks. There is light but it isn’t the sunny happy light I was looking for it is dark and gloomy and the wind is howling like the wolves in a full moon. I want this to be over. It's getting closer this horrible monster I can’t take I run to the other side of the basement with the rest of my family as we see the last of it. The last of this gray dull light. The last of the rain. The last of the wind. The last of my family.