Mar 12
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Ghosts of The Mind

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Chances are, you probably have at least once in your life, but there was no friend like Madeline. This is the story of a little lady, seven years old, who had a best friend that lived in her head. Mind you, this friend was as real as night and day. Sometimes, the best kind of friends are the ones that are dead. Before you think I’m a psychopath, let’s talk about Little Lady. She had a friend outside of her head once, Emma was her name, but their friendship was cut loose when death came to gather what it had claimed. Her heart was weak and stopped, but Little Lady was a believer in ghosts. That was, at least, for a few years and during those few years, Madeline had developed similar traits to Little Lady’s late friend. Her imaginary friend wasn’t as imaginary as she had thought.

In fact, ghosts don’t always come from whispers and apparitions. Sometimes, they come from us. They haunt us, but no one else knows that they’re there and we see them plain as day, but they’re not so clear after all. Little Lady couldn’t live without her little friend. They played together when people weren’t looking and when they were, she whispered to her secrets never to be told. Her friends outside of her head didn’t like it very much as they couldn’t see what she saw, but as long as she did, nothing else mattered. There always comes a time when we put our childhood behind us and give it its own set timeline which at first starts with our date of birth and ends with now. Little Lady became a woman and she set that timeline, but it wasn’t her time. It was too early to be a grown up, but she had to be. She had to know what was real. In this confusion, as difficult as it was, Madeline had died. When Little Lady came home, she no longer spoke to the little girl that followed her because she knew the truth.
Madeline was Emma and Emma was nothing short of a ghost of the mind.