Mar 13
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Wooded girl

. Elves: Some people believe that forests are enchanted places, with elves living there. Write a story or poem about the forest elves. Or tell the tale of a person who doesn't believe in elves, but something happens to make them less certain.
“Hello everyone! My name is Michael white, and I am here to show you the amazing world of the “‘supernatural’! “ I mumble. I’m practicing my speech for the “super-con”

Geez, what kind of idiots believe in this crap! And to think, I’m getting paid to do this! HA, suckers!

I think to myself.

“Welcome to The Mellow Lighthouse, What can I getcha’?”

“Just a latte please.”

“Alrighty! Coming right up!” The waitress says as she walks away.

As I sit there, waiting for my order, I look at the bustling cafe’ around me. Two people, a boy, and a girl, sitting across from each other on their laptops. Probably studying for midterms. I look out of the window, the orange leaves falling off the trees, It all seems like slow motion, the people walking outside, the cars breezing by. ¨Order 27, Latte for Michel!¨

Oh my! That fast! No wonder they got so much business here!

I walk up to the countertop grab my order. It's warm in my hand, steam flowing out of the top, like itś gasping for air. I walk outside, The cold crisp wind blowing against my face. I can feel my cheeks and ears getting red from the brisk wind. I look across the street, there's a small forest.

Maybe I´ll go for a walk? I think to myself. I stand there on the sidewalk, contemplating whether I should go or not.

Sure, why not?!  I finally decide

I get to the edge of the forest. It's a lot bigger close-up, and personal. Maybe this was a bad idea… I have work to do, and it starting to get colder by the minute. It's too late. I find myself drawn into the woods, my feet have already started walking on the path. I feel like I'm being pulled by something, like an invisible force. As I walk further and further away from the streets, The noise starts to get fuzzy, all I can hear now is the crushing leaves under my feet, birds chirping and my own thoughts. I then hear a rustle and a small giggle. What's a little kid doing out in the woods all alone?

¨Hello? Is anyone here?¨ I yell. I see a flash. A blur of light blue, green and orange.  

A ghost? No, that couldn't be, ghosts aren't real…. An elf? I am in a forest…. Wait! NONONO elves aren't real either. I must be hallucinating.

I keep walking, when I get The feeling I’m being watched. I whirl around to see a small girl. But she's different… Her skin is pale, her nose is red, and she is wearing a dress. Made out of green moss, and orange leaves. But strangest of all, her ears are long and pointed… Like an elve’s… But that's not possible. Elves aren't real… right? I start to say something-But then she vanishes.

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