Mar 15
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Wait, wheres Bethany?

Bethany appeared on December 19th, 2010. I was six years old. She comforted me. She became like my guardian angel. We played together all the time. I asked her opinions on dresses or on my hair. She is very honest! When I turned seven she got me a photo. It was a picture of me and her. I went to go show my mom, but she got confused and asked me if I hit my head. I shook my head and said “Mommy don’t you see Bethany?!”

“Jamie, it's just you in that photo!” My mother exasperated. She doesn't understand me, I thought to myself. Bethany is real, and my mom just wants to be mean. For my 8th birthday Bethany got me a plant! I ran to my mom again and showed her. She got confused and said I picked it! Could you believe it?! How could she still not see Bethany!

Years passed on. Bethany was my best friend! She never left my side. She never would hurt my feelings either. The date was December 19, 2019! My mom knocked on my door, Bethany looked at me. We were both 15 now! Bethany walked over and hugged me. “Jamie, today is going to be hard.” My mother's voice croaked. I knew why, so did Bethany. On this day, December 19, 2010, my dad had walked out. But he didn’t walk out, more dragged. These men with black coats and small guns came into our house.

My dad was yelling and screaming for my mom to take me to my room. She took me to my room and locked the door. But then the door unlocked and in walked Bethany. She held me and told me that she was going to never leave. “Jamie, Earth to Jamie.” My moms voice rang. I snapped out of it. I didn’t feel as warm as before. I leaped up! Where was Bethany? I looked at my door, I saw her leave. But she told me she wouldn’t leave! I screamed at my mom, blaming her! Saying that she made Bethany leave! Hot tears streamed from my eyes. “Bethany… Bethany!” I shouted. Why did she leave like my dad? They both were not supposed to leave.

I grabbed my mom, she was there! She was the only one who didn't leave. I held onto her for a while telling her how much I loved her. I ended up feeling so guilty. I took comfort in Bethany when it was my mom who was real.
Wait, Bethany wasn’t real?
How, she was in that picture? And the plant! I didn’t care. I just knew that I couldn't neglect my mom anymore. “Mom, I love you.”