Mar 15

The Elevator

Two hours pass and the elevator is finally coming to a stop.  As it stops the light in the elevator start to flicker and the doors slowly start to open.  As the door opened I could see the lights in the hall flickering. I slowly start to walk forward and step out of the elevator.  As I stepped out of the elevator I felt a cold breeze and heard whispers. I looked around but still nobody was there. The doors were all shut on each side of the hall and papers were scattered all around the floor.  On each side of the hall there was blood dripping down the walls, windows were broken, and names were written. I could smell the terrible stench of rotting flesh of both humans and animals. I slowly started walking down the hall and looking around.  Looking into each room as I passed them I could see the remains of people and their pets. The stench was so bad I had to keep myself from puking. It got colder as I went farther down the hall and I had shivers down my spine. The whispers got louder and louder but yet there was still nobody there.  All of a sudden I started seeing shadow figures all around, both of people and animals.

I started thinking to myself and wondering why the heck I was exploring this place.  There were terrible stenches and just looking at it made me sick. I decided that I needed to turn around a go back to the elevator.  When I got back to where the elevator should have been I saw nothing, it was no longer there. I started to panic, I fell to the floor crying.  I had to think about what to do but that was not going to be easy since all I could think about was how creepy it was in there already. I picked myself back up and wiped my tears away.  I looked around to see if there was anything that could possibly help me escape this place. All I found was a flashlight and a knife but anything at this point was good. I started walking down the other hallway and looked in each room to see if there were any doors or windows that I could escape through.  There was one room with a window but in order for me to get to it I had to go through tons of spiders on their spider webs, and snakes. I had to keep telling myself that I was not afraid and that I could do it. I ran through as quickly as I could and when I got to the window I tried to open it. The window would not budge open so I had to look for something heavy and durable to break it.  Just across the room near the door there was a metal chair. I was so frustrated with everything at this point but I walked over to the chair and grabbed it. I grabbed it quickly and threw it at the window. As I watched the window shatter, I felt relief go through my body. I crawled out and smelled the freshly cut grass, and the sweet fresh air.

I was so happy to be out of there but I was still frustrated.  I had no clue where the heck I was. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket but it was at five percent and there was no service.  Now I was lost with no way to contact anybody and no idea of what I should do. My only choice was to walk and try to find someplace with a phone to get ahold of someone.  As I started walking the wind picked up speed and it started to rain. Now all I was worried about was finding shelter until it passed and there was no way that I was going back there to that hell place.  That place literally gave me the chills, I did not care that I was out in the cold rain. I was just happy that I was not stuck back there with the terrible stench and the sights that make me wanna puke. I kept on walking through the cold rain, I started freezing, my feet hurt, and my clothes were soaked.  I could barely see my watch to check how much time passed by. It felt like it had been hours but it had only been one hour. I was so ready to give up and just lay down right there right then but I kept on walking and I could see light up ahead. I kept walking towards the light and when I reached it, there was a small town.  I went and knocked on a cottage door and an old lady in her late sixties with short, curly, white hair answered the door.

“Oh my goodness.  Come on in,” she said in a sweet soft voice.

“Thank you,” I said almost barely.

“Let’s get you warmed up and get some dry clothes on you,” she said as she went ruffling through her clothes.  

“Oh thank you.  How very kind of you,” I said as I was slowly warming up.

“I will draw you a bath so you can get cleaned up.”

“Thanks but you don’t have to do that.”

“Nonsense, it’s the least I could do for a young girl like you all alone out there.”

“How will I ever repay you?”

“That will not be necessary,” she said as she started the water to the bath.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I am sure.  Now here, take a nice warm and long bath, then get into these warm clothes.” she said as she handed me the clothes.

“Thank you,” I said as she left the bathroom closing the door behind her.

I undressed and slowly sat in the bath feeling the nice warm water up against my cold skin.  I layed down and just closed my eyes listening to my surroundings. I heard the creak of the wood floor, the water trickling down from the faucet, and the swishing sound of the water moving.  It was all very relaxing and it helped me forget about everything that I saw before. After about half an hour I got out of the bath, dried myself off, and got into the warm clothes. I opened the bathroom door and walked over to the old lady.  

“Do you have a phone that I could possibly borrow?”

“Yes, over there by my chair.”

    I walked over to the phone and dialed my mother’s number but all I heard was static.  I followed the cord with my eyes and saw that it had been cut. I knew that there was something wrong with this house.  I quickly made a run for it and went further into town before deciding that it was safe to knock on another door. At the next door that I knocked on there was a nice young lady with black, curly, long hair answered the door.

“Please, come in,” she said.

As I walked in I asked, “Is there a phone that I could possibly borrow?”

“Yes, right over there by the stairs,” she said as she was pointing to it.

I walked over to the phone and dialed my mother’s number and this time I heard ringing.

“Hello,” she answered with a confused voice.

“Hello, it’s your daughter Vern.  I am sorry, I was going to get ahold of you earlier but I couldn’t because my phone had died.”

“Where are you?”
“I am not sure, I will hand the phone over to this lady and she can tell you.”

I handed the phone over to the lady and she started talking to my mom.  I sat on the bottom step of the stairs just listening to them chat away.  Twenty minutes passed and they were still on the phone, I started getting impatient.  Five more minutes pass and the lady hangs up.

“Your mother is on her way to get you,” she said.

“Okay, thank you.”

“No problem, by the way my name is Aurora.  I went to school with your mother, and I used to babysit you.”

“Oh, you are the one she talks about all the time.  She is always saying how she lost contact with you and that you two used to be such great friends,” I said with a surprised look on my face.

“Yes, that is indeed me.”

We both went and sat down at the kitchen table and started talking.  We talked for hours before my mother showed up, and when she did she was so happy.  She sat down with me and Aurora at the table and we talked for hours all together. The time passed quickly and when we looked at the time it was super late.  It was eleven at night so we decided that we had to say our goodbyes. My mother and Aurora hugged and exchanged numbers and we said goodbye knowing that it would not be the last time that we see each other.
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