Mar 26
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My Hair

You see, I seldom change anything in my life. So, I blindly picked out a bottle on the shelf, chucked it on the counter, and paid $11.46 for my red hair dye. I quickly went home to start the process so I wouldn't have the chance to change my mind. I walked into my one story apartment and started mixing the dark brown paste. I felt confident about my new hair style. My life will finally be a little more interesting once my hair is dyed. When I finally got up the courage to put the paste in my hair, I rubbed it carefully. First in the roots, then further down until I reached the tips. I felt as though I was breaking a rule, as my mother never let me dye my hair. I waited until the thick, wet paste turned into a dry solid like the container suggested. When I went to wash it out to reveal my new hair, I realized something had gone terribly wrong in the process. I kept washing until all the product was out. I then blow dried my hair until it was nice and neat as usual. I found huge spots of blonde hair where it was supposed to be a shade of bright red. I was very confused because of the meticulous amount of time I took putting the product in. I went back to the store with my hair up to buy another bottle. The store was gone. Where it went? I have no idea.

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