Mar 29
fiction 0 comments challenge: Woods
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Fuming, I head outside. Why did my sister have to get into this?

I step out the door and my first actual calm breath feels amazing. Nothing like the mysterious woods outside my house to cheer me up. But seriously, I have never been there. Maybe an adventure will cool me down. Or help with ideas to run away from home.
As I step into the woods, it feels lush, green and alive. Little did I know, that they actually were alive. I hear quarrelling. Maybe just my mom and my sister. But as I step closer, I realize that the voices get louder.

"Hey! Watch it!"

"I'm not the one carelessly knocking down everything, making noises for humans to hear."

"Speaking of humans, one is coming now! Shhhhhhh!"

I walk by large and mystic trees. One Grandfather-Beech probably the wise one, telling his friends to shut-up. An Evergreen sapling as well. (I personally think they are a bit selfish-why do they get to wear green in winter when the others have to wear nothing!) She was probably the first one talking. And last a Spruce. Probably the sensible one-still rude but sensible.
I try to talk to them.

"Hello. I...I... Uh. I heard you talking. My name is Liam. Liam Harp... Liam Harpswin." No response.
Eventually they came around. The Evergreen was the first to act: "Hello! My name is Sylvia, that's Pablo and the old one is
Prudens which is wise in Latin. "

I laugh. Maybe these trees will become my best friends. Woah. That sounded weird.