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     It was July 13 1998. Jack and his little brother Alex were playing outside in the scorching Florida, summer sun. “Go long” yelled Jack, he throw the football and Alex was off. Alex sprinted across the yard and down the driveway trying to catch the football so maybe jack and his friends would let him join there team. Alex was looking up at the football not paying attention to where he was going. He tripped on his little sisters bike and the football sored passed him. “dang “ Alex though. Jack smirked at Alex as he went to get the football.

        “Hey, get in here and wash up for dinner,” yelled Aunt Susie. Jack, Alex and there baby sister Lila were staying with their Aunt for the month to get out of the big new York City. As Jack and Alex walked into the house the smell of hamburgers washed over them. Aunt Susie was singing to prince as she set the table. “Y'all sit down wail i go get your sister from her nap.” Jack sat his brother down in his chair and went to go get lemonade from the fridge. When aunt Susie came back down with Lila she turned on the weather channel.

    “Everyone from florida to New york watch out Hurricane Tortilla is heading our way. It is only 50 miles out from Florida and is expected to hit Tuesday so be prepared.” blared the radio.
        “Oh no” said Aunt Susie “I hope it is to bad, anyways on a better note who wants burgers.” The next day during breakfast they wear listing to the news.

“Tortillas speed has suddenly jumped and it is suspected to hit tomorrow.” said the news man. “Winds are supposed to be 105 mph and we should be getting 26 inches of rain.”

“What are we gonna do!” Cried Alex.                                                                     

     “we will be fine, we have nothing to worry about.” Aunt Susie said. It was 5:00 am, Tortilla was supposed to hit today. Jack and Alex were both wide awake, they could hear aunt Susie trying to move everything valuable into the basement has well has the food. It was 6:30 when they finally went down stairs. “Look at you boys up so early” said Aunt Susie trying to get a laugh out of alex and jack but they weren't having it. Alex went to the living to watch cartoons. Jack helped aunt Susie put everything else down stars. By 9:45 the had everything in the basement. The winds were starting to pick up and it was starting to rain. By noon you could hear the rain pounding down on the roof. Lila was crying and aunt Susie was trying to calm her down. Alex set in the TV room watching looney tunes. Jack stared out the window at the pitch black sky. Winds cared trash cans and fences down the street. Shingles flow off roof tops. Water started to build up on the road. Aunt Susie brought Lila and Alex down to the basement. Jack stood in the kitchen in amaze, a river of water cared a car down the street like it was nothing. Water was pilling up on the road and Jack cloud hear tree branches slam into the roof. Flower pots and fence post were smashing into the winds. Jack ran to the basement to join the rest of his family. Alex and Lila were crying and I could see in aunt susie's eyes the she was scared. Everyone sat in the basement silently listening to the harific winds and waters above. Hours passed before things finally got quit. They all came u tariffed to what they would find. There house was completely torn up and there was trash everywhere. It looked like the entire top of the house was blown off. ¨We can fix the house but all that matters is that we are all safe” aunt Susie said worriedly.
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