Apr 05
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family vacation

Summer was finally here and they were all ready to go but there seemed to be a small problem and we couldn’t quite figure it out. We had waited all year for this two week trip where we were going all pile in our minivan and head cross country. But we couldn’t yet there was one thing that just didn’t seem right.

We had done a head count about three times and it wasn’t like there was a herd of us. There were only six of us not including the dog. Ok well maybe that is a herd compared to most other families and this trip was going to be annoying anyway. There is going to be me my two younger sister and my older brother who wasn’t to happy that we were taking two weeks away from his summer. Then there are my parents who can’t ride in the same car with other without complaining about the others driving habits.  Oh and don’t get me started on the dog all he is going to do is sit in the car and stink it up the ENTIRE time.

The wind started up right when we were getting in the car. The sky had been looking grey all day and the weather had said that we might be getting some rain. The rain picked up right when we got on the interstate. When we made our first pit about three hours later the water in the parking lot soaked my feet and was almost to my ankles as soon as I stepped out of the car. My mom just then started complaining about how wet the seats were going to get an how the car was going to smell bad.

By the time we reached our first camp ground the van was struggling through the water that was now almost a foot deep. As soon as we took the turn onto the road to the campground the ditch broke loose and the water came pouring out. The van skidded to the other side of the road where there was a cliff that dropped about fifty feet. I then knew what we had been forgetting this morning. It was the hurricane warning that had been out for that past three days now. The van was held on to the side of the cliff by a busted guard rail. we just sat there waiting for what we knew would come next. Then out of nowhere the rail snapped and we dropped. Dropped the fifty feet and the whole way down all I could hear was all the people that I was going to hate this entire trip. But now there wasn’t going to be a trip there wasn’t even going to be those people that I didn’t want to spend it with. And I remembered as we hit the ground hard that this was my family and was supposed love them even if they fought over they way each other drove or the way the dog spelt or the way the dog stank up the car or the way we were going to ruin their summer. Even if all they fought about was whose barbie was whose I was still supposed to love them.