Workshop > Story
Aug 18


Activity:  For this exercise, make a list of notable moments in your life. Notable moment doesn't mean dramatic life-changing experience, it just means a memory that stands out to you for one reason or another. It's okay if you don't know why it stands out, just write it down on the list. Do you ever find yourself telling a story from your past over and over again? What is that story or stories? Once you feel like you have a good amount of moments, look back over your list.
For each moment listed, ask yourself the following questions:

Did I learn anything during this moment? What?
How does this moment relate to my theme?
What emotions did I feel during this moment?

If you have answers to all of the above, and you feel you can incorporate them into the story, use that memory! If not, keep it for yourself until you have answers to all of those questions.