Aug 28

With, Without

I don't think I could part with any of it
For what is around me
Is as much a part of me
As what is inside.

I couldn't part with the sunrise or sunset
With the colors of each blade of grass
Tinted with the air of dusk
Or the glistening snow
Or the lake on a windy day
I couldn't bear not to see
Each word on a page
Or the sky.

I couldn't part with melody and harmony
The clicking of the keyboard
Under my eager fingers
Or the sound of laughter
Or my sister's violin
I couldn't bear not to hear
Each note that I play
Or the rain.

I couldn't part with the smell of morning
The taste of fresh peaches
Grass under my feet
A new book's pages
The salt of the ocean
The wind on my skin
Each meal that I eat
Or campfire smoke.

I don't think I could part with any of it
Because I haven't had to 
Because I've been lucky
Because I've been alive
Because every single day
I see
And hear
And smell
And taste
And I feel so much
Even when I don't realize it.

But I could do it if I had to
For even if they took away my fingers
I would never stop feeling
And what was around me
Would still be a part of me
Would still be inside.


About the Author: Worlds.Within.Words
"I say I want to save the world but really/I want to write poems all day" -Dorothea Lasky