Sep 21
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How has this site helped/shaped me?

     I haven't really been here long enough to see how I like this website or what I learned from it, as I just joined. I definitely think that this website will change me though, because everything changes people a little bit, even if we don't notice it. I also really like hearing other people's point of view, so it will definitely affect how I think about things. I hope that doing this will force me to be more creative, because I like to bake, felt, and draw, and I think that it would be cool to see if doing this gave me ideas to express things better, if it's just a scene where someone is looking at something, or if it makes my writing better. I like to write letters to people, so this might help with that as well. Even though I haven't really been on here long enough to learn anything about it, or to have it change my perception about anything, I think that writing can show people what they really think about, and it can tell people more about themselves then they even knew. So I think that this new adventure will be... Hopefully pretty fun.