Workshop > Your Water Issue
Sep 22

Your Water Issue

What issues does your community face with water?

To begin any story -- whether it's a word story or multimedia story -- is to gather information, to do some research. What's going on with water in your community? Do you have pollution issues in your rivers or lakes or ocean? Is your drinking water safe? Do you have supply problems? Is there a class issue, that is, some people can get drinking water more easily than others? Do you have a drought?

Activity: Identify people in your community who know something about water. If you have a water company or authority, see if they have a website or literature. Is there someone you can contact and talk with? Are there any advocacy organizations looking at water issues? What about environmental groups? What about your local news media? Can you search the archives of those sites? While you can start with their websites, don't forget the public libraries AND try to talk with a real human being. Before, you speak with them, what do you want to know? And how do you want to tell the story? Can you capture some sound from your discussion? Images?

When you are ready, respond with a post about the water issue in your community. Consider this a draft. And include some ideas for how you might tell this story as a narrative or as a story with digital media.