Workshop > Feedback and Revision
Sep 27

Feedback and Revision

The main goal of this XP is to provide feedback to fellow participants, and use that feedback to improve your own resume. Use this time to assess your own resume as well—what are some things that others did differently from you? Did they work well? Did you find yourself getting lost or having your mind wander at any point? Does your resume do the same thing?
Focus on content, relevance to the job posting, and professionalism of the writing. Note any spots where you were confused, had to re-read multiple times, or your mind started to wander. Also, take a look at formatting--were you able to get an idea of what the resume was about just with a quick glance? Did it draw you in with easy-to-read headlines and sub-headers?
Depending on the feedback provided by mentors, peers, and instructors, and personal observations you’ve made, revise your resume draft. Revision is not editing—you may be making changes to the overall structure/organization; entire pieces may need to be removed, or new things may need to be added. Go nuts. Be proud of your final product.
Submit the revised draft as a response to the final resume XP.