Jul 13

Muslim Girls Making Change at Brave New Voices

Muslim Girls Making Change--Vermont's youth Slam Poetry Team--has arrived in Washington D.C. for Brave New Voices 2016!

The quartet of slam poets, along with coaches Denise Casey and Rajnii Eddins, YWP hero Sarah Gliech, and the irreplaceable Reuben Jackson (of VPR Fame), have arrived after a lengthy drive and are preparing to take the stage by storm!

Check out this great write-up from the Associated Press--already shared hundreds of times, all across the country!
Stay up to date by following our instagram and twitter accounts, and keep your eyes peeled for updates here!

Jan 06

YWP Newsletter #3 (January 2016)

Nov 23

Anthology 7 now available for online purchase!

YWP Anthology 7 features best writing and photography of 70+ Vermont and New Hampshire youths from the 2014-2015 school year. It's a fantastic gift for friends and family!

You can buy your copy online or in person at YWP, 47 Maple St., Suite 106, Burlington, VT or checks may be sent to:
Young Writers Project
47 Maple Street # 106
Burlington VT 05401

Price: $10/copy.
Shipping: Flat rate of $2.45/order.
Nov 20

Dec. 5 Youth Advisors Meeting

Calling all YWP Youth Advisors -- past and new! (Anyone wanting to join us is welcome!)
When: Saturday, Dec. 5, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
What and Where: We're going to start the day with a journalism workshop at the Generator at 250 Main St., Burlington (lower level of Memorial Auditorium).
Nov 18

An evening of song, writing and performance NOV 27!

GREEN FRIDAY -- a benefit event for 350.org!
Join some amazing artists for a night of creative expression, community building and collective action on Friday, November 27th at 7:30pm at the Black Box Theater in Burlington’s Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center. A diverse group of some of Vermont’s best artists and writers will be performing, including: Khadija Bangoura, Arthur Blackhawk, Kathryn Blume, Bruce Campbell, Gideon Commey, Rajnii Eddins, Jordan Gullikson, Bill McKibben, Winnie Looby, and the spunky bar band, Yanks In The Attic.  
Nov 17

About Annotations

Tips from a YWP staff discussion led by Geoff Gevalt, Nov. 17, 2015

What are annotations?
Annotations on the YWP site are intended as private comments to the author. Only the editor writing the annotation and the author of the piece can see the comments.

The process: Before you begin annotations, write a reaction beside the piece so all can see and the writer receives notice that someone's commenting. You can also note in your reaction that YWP wants to publish the piece and the writer should check out the annotations that will lead to publication.
Nov 14

Coffee House and Open Mic -- 11.20

Young Writers Project is proud to hold its first Coffee House of the season which includes music from a very popular Brattleboro band whose name will soon be announced! And some YWP veterans. And and, some amazing poetry and stories and other open mic fun.

6 p.m.   |  Nov. 20  |   47 Maple St. -- Maglianero's Cafe (and YWP Intergalactic HQ)

Don't miss it.
Nov 13

Nov. 20 Coffee House & Open Mic

Mark your calendars for YWP's monthly Coffee House and Open Mic -- 6 p.m., Friday Nov. 20, Maglianero's Cafe, 47 Maple St., Burlington. (Same location as YWP's Intergalactic HQ)

New format! Bring your poems, stories, whatever. Bring an instrument. BRING FRIENDS! Share your words, your passion, your anger, your joy, your song!

Food, fun, inspiration included.
Nov 02

Town Forest Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to the three winners of the Vermont Town Forest Writing Challenge: Wren Forbes, Fiona Stowell and Alexandra Contreras-Montesano!
Thank you to the 45 writers who submitted their work to this challenge, marking the centennial of the legislation that started Vermont's town forests, now numbering more than 300! And thank you to the challenge sponsor, the Vermont Town Forest Centennial Celebration.

First place: Wren Forbes, Age 11, Fayston, VT
Story: A Forest for All
Prize: $100 and a 2016 season pass to Vermont State Parks

Second place: Fiona Stowell, Age 9, Homeschool, Warren, VT
Story: A Walk in the Eaton Town Forest
Prize: $75 and a 2016 season pass to Vermont State Parks

Third place: Alexandra Contreras-Montesano, Age 15, Burlington. VT
Oct 27

Lincoln Essay Competition

Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, VT, invites all 8th grade students in Vermont to enter its annual Lincoln Essay Competition.
First place winners receive $1000, second place $750, third place $500, and honorable mentions $200.
The deadline for submissions is Lincoln’s birthday: Feb. 12, 2016. 
This year’s topic:  Why do you think racism persists in America? What factors contribute to its persistence and how can these factors be addressed in order to move the country toward a more perfect union?
Application packets, guidelines and tips can be downloaded here: http://www.hildene.org/schools.html.
For more information, contact Stephanie at [email protected]
Oct 14

Philly School tries out one of our Daily Challenges

A story ... When we switched over to the new site in late August, 2015, we were quite surprised by all the emails from teachers around the country who said they couldn't find this or that which they used quite a bit in their classrooms -- challenges (or prompts as we used to call them), examples of great student work, resources, etc...

And that's when we began realizing that this little Vermont project was ALREADY having an impact around the country.

So now that we've opened this site up to kids all over, we're excited to see, too, when those folks use what we offer to have fun while writing. So this school in Philadelphia tried out one of our prompts -- OWL  They used pencils (yay) and their journal books, but we look forward to their posting their creations here soon.

Oct 05

#CoW2015 a day away; workshops nearly full; traffic issue (sorry)

A few spaces left in the workshops at the YWP/VCFA Celebration of Writing for walk-ins,
but please let us know if you want to come on Saturday but did NOT register:  send an email to Sarah Gliech.

For those of you taking SATs or with other commitments, COME TO THE AFTERNOON CELEBRATION -- 4 p.m.! Keynote poet Kerrin McCadden! Some of your fellow writers presenting. DOOR PRIZES! (cool digital recorder donated by Advance Music, books, chocolate!) Public is welcome!

We are so excited. Almost 60 of you have signed up including young writers from New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine! The lineup of workshops and speakers is amazing so we hope you will stay the whole day. AND, if you can only come in the later afternoon, COME ON DOWN! The Celebration of Writing EVENT at 4 p.m. is open and the public is welcome! Keynote speaker is Vermont Book Award winner and poet Kerrin McCadden. Come support several YWP readers, get a glimpse of YWP's future (gg), enoy food, win an AMAZING DOOR PRIZE and get a free copy of Anthology 7 This BEGINS at 4 p.m. at Vermont College of Fine Arts Alumni Hall. Do come!

DOOR PRIZES -- A digital recorder donated by Advance Music, books, chocolate, but only if you stay for the Celebration event at Alumni Hall!

IMPORTANT ANNOYING TRAFFIC UPDATE -- The I-89 Southbound ON/OFF lane will be closed. That means:
  • if you are coming to Montpelier from the north, you must get off at Exit 9 (Middlesex) and take Route 2 to Montpelier. If you are coming from the south, you will be fine.
  • If you will be leaving CoW to head south you will have to take Route 2 south to Route 302 south to Route 62 to Exit 7 in Berlin. If you are headed north from CoW, you will be fine.
LINK: http://vtrans.vermont.gov/projects/exit8


But back to the fun stuff. Sarah has sent all pre-registered participants an EMAIL with details, but, bring smartphones and laptops/tablets (if you have them) if you want and particularly if you are participating in the sound and/or photograph workshops. CHECK YOUR EMAIL.

The workshops and Celebration are once again held  in partnership with Vermont College of Fine Arts and with support from National Life Group:
  • WHEN: Saturday, November 7 -- 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • WHERE: Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier, VT (Main Building for workshops and lunch; Alumni Hall across the street for Celebration event at 4 p.m.)
  • WHAT: Amazing workshops, lunch, reception (more food) & the CELEBRATION with youth readers, and keynote by Vermont Book Award Winner Kerrin McCadden, readings AND AND AND ... we're releasing ANTHOLOGY 7! Free copy  to all participants who stay through the Celebration!
  • WHO: You! And, among others, the new Vermont Poet Laureate, published authors, poets, photographers and digital artists. And all your favorite pals at YWP!
  • WHY: Because we love writing, photography, sound, visual art, parties and chocolate!
  • HOW: Sign up by clicking HERE. We are asking for a $25 contribution to YWP to reserve your spot. Contributions can be made by check or online via PayPal or JustGive.org. Scholarships available (contact Sarah: [email protected]). LIMITED OPENINGS. Make carpool arrangements (offer AND ask for rides) on our Facebook event!
CLICK READ MORE for more details about the workshop lineup and the artists who will be leading the sessions.
Aug 23

Lee McIsaac

Today, Sunday Oct. 11, we are celebrating Lee's life at The Schoolhouse in South Burlington. Here is what I wrote the day she died:

It is with great sadness that I report that Lee McIsaac died in the early morning hours of Sunday Aug. 23, 2015 at her home. She was a friend, colleague and inspiration. She was 52.

From 2007 to late 2010, Lee was the publications coordinator for Young Writers Project. She deeply touched many in the YWP community with her unwavering support, her eye for detail and her remarkably cheery spirit. She was quick to laugh. She was also quick to argue -- a trait I particularly liked (though not always, particuarly when she was right and I was wrong!) because it revealed an active, critical mind. She was not content to just nod her head in agreement; she thought things out, spoke her mind, came to her own conclusions. She was an idea person. She was also incredibly disciplined and thorough; work, to her, should be done right.

She was one of those few who focused on the extra 15 percent of something, the little details that make the difference between good and excellent. She stayed way late to make sure a YWP newspaper page was done the way it should be, or to make sure that a youth was notified of the honor of getting published with YWP, to make sure that the last niggling details of an event were pulled together. She sincerely cared -- about YWP, about the people she worked with, about the youths that flocked to our community and about her family, daughter Jordie, and husband, Jan Cannon.

She was an inspiration. Just a week after she began in the early fall of 2007, she was diagnosed with cancer. After initial treatment she was back at the job, smiling, laughing and pushing forward. She was not going to let something like cancer slow her down. And she was like that all the way through, even up until these last few weeks when she finally gave in to the inevitable.

YWP is proud to be dedicating its latest Anthology to her, something we were able to tell her several weeks ago. So glad. When she heard, humble though she was, she revealed a glimmer of a smile and did not protest.

I will miss her deeply. Those of you who knew her will miss her as well. For those of you who didn't know her, understand her values: be positive, think hard, dream high and work to get there. And, oh yes, laugh.
Jun 22

Spread the word!

This new community is six weeks old and we have nearly 1,000 users from all over the country! Wow!

We need your help to build this civil community to the point it has unprecedented energy -- and feverish revision and creative risk-taking. You are the best ones to do this. Be a community builder. Here are some things you can do:

  • Spread the word. Let your circles of friends know about this space.
  • Get your friends to join!  Use the INVITE link under "ME" (logged-in users only) to send an invitation to a friend and earn userpoints (even more if they join).
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  • Better yet, post a REACTION to a post. Remember that the best way to get a reaction is to give a reaction.
  • Better still, SPROUT a post to a post you like. See the link "sprout" underneat the story? It allows you to post something that the current post made you think about. And forever are the two linked!
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By the way, for those of you who were members of the old site, 1) you need a NEW account for this site and 2) you can access (but not create new content) on the old site: archive.youngwritersproject.org.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out more features -- labs, projects, courses -- but we hope you'll dive in on the CHALLENGES -- a NEW one every day. And check out slideshows and recent reactions for some different ways to navigate the site (both under READ).

This is a digital writing space so we encourage you to incorporate photos and sound, to create slideshows and digital stories or, even, to let the digital media lead the story. Please let us know what you think: What do you like? What confuses you? What do you wish we (you) could do on this site? How can we get more youths into this community? Send an email or message me (gg).

So what can you do on this site? Click read more...