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Feb 21

Cotton Candy Tree

Feb 19


Feb 15

Snapshots of #vtwritesday

Rich Boyers' 7th-8th grade class at Edmunds Middle School, Burlington, #vtwritesday18(Photos by Shannon Ripp and Susan Reid, YWP) And Miller Library at Camels Hump Middle School in Richmond.

Feb 15
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Feb 10


Feb 05
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Dear, Gronk

I´m your biggest fan gronk i have watched you since for a long time, you are my biggest idol you have made me train so hard i have gotten stronger.
When i heard you were hurt my heart dropped in my mind I-knew-that-we-were-going-to-lose because you weren't going to be at your fullest
I never gave up on you, you are still my favorite player in the NFL(-) and i hope one day i'll make to the NFL and perform like you did and take your spot

Feb 04


Feb 04

Golden Glow

Feb 01

Paving a Path

Feb 01


Jan 30

Winter Sun

Jan 25

Youth March