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Jun 22
in visual 2 Comments challenge: Face

Broken Promises

Jun 22
in visual 2 Comments challenge: Color
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The Red of YWP

Summer intern Shanrippwriting and I went around the YWP office taking pictures of red and green objects (our favorite colors). I found just dashes of red on our bookshelf, armchair, wooden bird, rug, and mug. #sos17
Jun 22
in visual 2 Comments challenge: Face

Radioactive Face (#sos17)

Jun 22
in visual 1 Comment challenge: Color
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Jun 21
in visual 2 Comments challenge: Room

Kitchen's Colors

Jun 20
in visual 8 Comments challenge: Face


the trap door in my skull
allows for easy access into my mind.
when i am thirsty
i unhinge the latch
and deluge my head with fresh water. 

Jun 20
in visual 6 Comments challenge: Color

My Inner Pink

When the sky shines pink,
I often wonder if it's doing so for me. 

When I blush for the people I love,
I wonder if it's because they are the inner pink I need. 

When I dance around my room at night,
I wonder if my inner pink is shining out of me. 

When I tuck my head and cry my tears,
I wonder if it's because I have run out of that inner pink,
Or maybe I'm just fading away. 


Jun 20

A Fleeting Moment

Jun 20
in visual 4 Comments challenge: Color
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I've got the Blues, can't you see?
Right here, in my hand.

Jun 13


I wish that I could fly
As the planes rush silluoetted
Across the evening sky

Mind-bending manuvers
Exhilirating dives
Pilots having 
The time of their lives

And I wish that I could be up there with them
Be free, reach out
And fly
Jun 10

Inside and Out

Inside and Out
Sometimes, the inside is just as beautiful as the out.
Jun 07
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The Family (old prompt)

They sat at the dining-room table, the family of four patiently waiting for dinner time. They had only been in this house for a few weeks, and everything was still very new. They weren't familiar with the space around the table, and the floor was a bit crooked, causing the seat at the end to rock back and forth a little bit. The table they sat around was slightly rectangular, with a seat on each side. It was made of cherry that had grown dark with age and exposure to sun. The family was brand new. They didn't quite match the wood of the table. The people who lived in the house had bought them at a small furniture shop just a few weeks ago. 
Jun 07

One Bush, Endless Beauty