Apr 13

Botanical Garden

Apr 11

Vid from the Web

Back in the day, there was something called surfin' the Web. Now the Web surfs us. But it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, or break them of old ones, so from time to time, I'm going to share something extraordinary that I've found, while surfin' the Web, in my old shoes. -- gg

Apr 09

Black and White

Apr 06
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The falling

It was winter time. My nose was so cold that I could even smell coldness,  I could hear the wind whipping. I looked down the mountain and saw some of the slope but only the first 20 feet or so because the snow was to strong. With my poles I pushed myself forward and started down the slope. This was the last run of the day according to my dad and I was so hungry that I could eat a cow. Also I felt as if my toes were on a vacation. I could feel my hands on the warm smooth hot chocolate.
Mar 31
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Mar 31

Sunny Sights

Mar 27
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       As I walked around the danger filled streets of Chicago, I shuddered at the thought of someone behind me. A white woman in the chaos of it all. There have been stories, I’ve heard rumors, of people like me getting raped, harassed, and even sexually assaulted, on these very streets. I never walk alone. I used too, before I knew about the reality of my home city. 
Mar 27

Eating Poison

Some quick photoshopping this morning.
Mar 26
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The bricks, all sound except for one.  It was more of a yellow-orange brick, it was very out of place.  I looked around, the brick was now blue.  I took it into my hands, a note flies out from behind. It says, “Hi,” to me. I answered,

“Hello,” it seemed to follow me, it changed from note to crane, from crane to cat, from a cat to a parrot on my shoulder, and there it stayed.  I woke up in my brick bedroom, with a smile on my face.  The bricks were all sound except for one.
Mar 25

"Schools are For Learning, Not Lockdowns"

Taken at the March for Our Lives on Saturday, March 24, in Montpelier, VT. 

It was so incredibly inspiring to be in the midst of this march and hear everyone's incredible speeches. Congrats to all the YWP members who spoke, you were AMAZING and truly inspiring!
Mar 17

Tiny Little Trees

Tiny Little Trees

Through the storm, it's almost as if the snow and wind had painted tiny little Christmas trees across the window.
Mar 15

The Snow Is Here To Stay

Photography credit goes to amberb
Mar 15