The Lone Cat

The Lone Cat


15 years old


  • exoticism

    grey eyes
    stare, openly
    at the flesh of elephant plums
    raw and hanging, dripping with a sour earthiness
    open your fists, green guava
    soon dropped upon the shore
    of a tall-tiered world, singing of poverty and praises
  • Peach tea

    i hope you can see my future
    in dripping peach tea leaves,
    chemically bloated with sweetener
    until the silver edges and feminine handle are sticky with syrup

    what do the dredges whisper to you, teller?
  • watching

    behind the blinds, we watch stripes of
    empty walls, yellow-wedding sunsets, 
    watercoloring paper until it frays, fades
    against shaky hands, weathered blisters

    I do not think you will learn of sacrifice
  • a greater evil

    slowly passes here,
    yet I am possessed
    of dauntless courage
    I satisfy the absence of
    no friend
    with the enthusiasm of
    To sustain myself, I commit to paper for the communication
    I desire
  • Unanswerable questions

    Lonely wanderer, face sallowesque underneath the bareness of your hood.
    From mind to hands to fingers to feet, you are cold,
    an icy rottenness unable to recover, even under the influence