19 years old


  • Poetry dump

    Every time I jump the world spins once

    And I land in the same spot

    My dog looks like a gremlin when he’s sleeping

    It’s midnight and I wonder if my salt lamp is really salt

    Ick yep it is
  • Chat GPT Poem

    This poem is not Chat GPT
    I promise to convince you that
    and I will attempt to convey
    the human
    sitting and picking the words
    from cobweb corners where
    computers can't find them.
    there is a beating heart here

  • why playlists are tsunamis

    five songs
    last me a month
    a single playlist
    i listen to 
    over and over and over 
    chewing it like a piece of gum
    until it has gone 
    dull and flavorless
    and I spit it out
    when i rediscover 
  • paper and metal

    at midnight the mediums mix
    my window is open for the breeze
    but catches the coyotes cries
    and suddenly I can see them,
    their metal shoulders and copper fangs
    filming green in their breath
    their joints gliding on nuts and bolts
  • two viewings of a butterfly

    too far off
    beauty gliding
    butterflies I try to catch
    like the contrails of a 
    lovely dream
    spinning in circles with
    a net made from
    a clementine bag
    my fingers reaching in 
    to snare it gently
  • why writing letters hurts

    to write a letter
    is to give your words
    little legs and let them run
    off into trouble
    like juveniles
    to send a letter
    is to let your words
    be pulled apart
    like cabbages until
    their soft little green hearts