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  • Monopolized

    You always took Park Place,
    cobalt tile weighted by your viridian buildings
    and crimson hotels.
    I stumbled over the borderlines and railroad tracks,
    toppled over Baltic.
    Wheelbarrow balanced on one side, you
  • twenties

    i’m young & inconsolable.
    i slip from your infinity-pool mind &
    catch my toes on tiles while you skin an apple alive,
    curved crimson rind turned to crumpled core.
    i watch my mirror-self cry. o midnight mascara’d mess,
  • cinnamon

    like vanilla bean freckles on your cinnamon hands, i followed the constellations left by saffron strands. i drank lattes every morning when you were gone.
  • january.

    (listen to episode 30, part 2 of Line Break to listen to how this poem was inspired by a line that amaryllis wrote, and to listen to her poem that was inspired by one of my lines!)