19 years old


  • Generation Broken Mirror

    how do we cope with       seven years of bad luck,
    sweating summer away, treating youth
    like bittersweet apricot, unripe/or rotting,
    when winter brings
    our future’s eroded footprints
  • Prayer of Inheritance

    dear God, this is a hymn; I sing it with my throat still fresh. dear God, this is a prayer; I recite it
    with my head bowed and the arrow nocked. irony coalesces in the strangest
  • Erasure

    i. dremel uvula
    we are girls. to hope is to expect. to revert back
    to sticky hands, to beg between tantrum sobs
    for lullabies. we are girls, we polish
    our sentiments (with sandpaper tongues)
    down to shining minimums
  • Point Off View

    we feel we are broken: ‘you, kissing temples.
        i, stuck in church.’
        but broken implies a previous wholeness,
    so we settle for fragmented,    so we are all a little bit each other.
  • Capitol(ize)(ism)

    Dripping with gasoline,
    we chase unlit matches

    fancying ourselves
    a revolution to lead.

    Bored of bliss, we band-aid
    papercuts caused by the Constitution.

    We pick sides &
    romanticize blind loyalty: