Le Pain Quotidien


This is Le Pain Quotidien which roughly translates to daily bread. It is a a chain restaurant in NYC that you can find on every street corner. This is the restaurant I ate at every morning when my parents took me to NYC. It was one of the coolest places I've been. I live in a small state with not a lot to do but gawk at leaves, go swimming in the lake, and ski. So the huge buildings that go into the sky and disappear. This restaurant was close to our hotel and every day we tried to look for another place but ended up back here. It had a huge community table which we sat at every day since all the tables were taken every day my dad grumbled about it being sat next to a random person or family. not knowing who was going to eat with you. I think although sometimes it kind of sucked sitting next to someone's messy kid, it was a cool opportunity to see so many different people and hear so many different conversations at once. 

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16 years old

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