The great aurora in the sky

Colors lovely and bright,

Your mind takes flight

A feeling you can’t buy


But look between the color

Stray your eye,

Something quite duller

A darkness standing by


And like everything the aurora stops,

Against the thought of colors

The sky the offers nothing to top,


On your cheek, let a tear roll down

And by the time it hits the ground

Be ready to go back to town


Watching this sky

You’ll have the greatest high

But once it starts to slow

The greatest low


There are stars out there

But you just saw the great spark

Soon you’ll find where

But don’t reach into the dark


Auroras are beautiful

Auroras may be short lived

The aurora will always end,

You know that, but you still watch it

The ending never gets better


This is not about the sky



15 years old

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