16 years old



  • Winter Sunsets

    you used to love the snow and ice

    the dark and stormy winter nights

    December's magic festive glow

    now seems many years ago.


    you crave the warmth of summer's kiss

    let sunlight bring you back to bliss

  • Aurora

    The great aurora in the sky

    Colors lovely and bright,

    Your mind takes flight

    A feeling you can’t buy


    But look between the color

    Stray your eye,

    Something quite duller

  • Tomorrow

    I don't like to think about the future

    For the future feels final.

    The future feels like a goal everyone is working towards

    That none have arrived at

    And none ever will.


  • Second Amendment

    Fact: States with less gun control have higher rates of shootings

    Fact: Suicide attempts are far more likely to succeed when a gun is involved

    Fact: On average, 316 people in the US are shot every day