16 years old


  • the box

    they put me in a box and i want to get out

    "let me go!" i scream

    but the lid is too tight

    they put me in a box but i'm too big to fit

    it's hurting my head

    and it's pinching my skin

  • stars

    it's amazing

    how things that once were nothings

    can shine so brilliantly in the sky

    to be admired simply for existing

    it must be lonely up there

    to attract such attention

    yet remain unnoticed

  • And my home

    It's too hot

    and it's too humid

    and I'm awake too early

    and I miss my home


    My bunk bed is lopsided

    and we let mosquitoes into the cabin

    and the showers are dirty

    and my socks are wet

  • Tomorrow

    I don't like to think about the future

    For the future feels final.

    The future feels like a goal everyone is working towards

    That none have arrived at

    And none ever will.


  • What a Shame...

    What a shame-

    that our world shows us such kindness,

    and we turn around and stab her in the back.

    We don't deserve her.


    Traitors: that's what we are,

    to overlook the life she brings