Winter Sunsets

you used to love the snow and ice

the dark and stormy winter nights

December's magic festive glow

now seems many years ago.


you crave the warmth of summer's kiss

let sunlight bring you back to bliss

but seasons change and so do you

so you try your best to just get through.


you used to revel in the cold

thought it'd be this way till you got old

you fear you've lost your icy touch

snow piling up a bit too much.


the winter wonderland is gone

the barren lands go on and on

you try to breathe at every chance

you see the coming avalanche.


you go for a walk, cold on your own

head bowed through the wind and your hands nearly froze

though the dark, icy air, you force yourself to look up

and finally realize it might be enough.


The sun is now setting and the sky is bright pink

the snow-dusted pines seem to sparkle and wink

the smallest of things can untangle the snare

these things can bring hope, although they are rare.


so whenever you feel like the storm is forever

a winter sunset makes it a little bit better.




15 years old

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