Breaking Fairy Tales

Once upon a time,

the princesses got tired.

They were done

they deserved to be.

And the fairies

that the fairy tales were about,

the fairies

that were written out

with their striking beauty

their perfect manners

their dresses made of silk


and other fabrics

no one really cares

what the fabrics were named

they all really meant

my rich family

pays for me to be dressed

in a million riches

because girls should look rich

even if they're not

because their husbands

own everything.

Those fairies


the broke the words

the smashed

and crinkled



all the words

that made them beautiful

the words that gave them perfect etiquette

and the words that wove their dresses.

Once upon a time,

the fairies

broke their stories

and started writing new ones.

Posted in response to the challenge International Women's Day.



13 years old

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