BREAKING NEWS: Humans Are Elusive to Bigfoot, Too

A small group of hikers in Montana set out on a trek to find Bigfoot last week, but this time, instead of finding nothing, they found a human-sized man with extremely large feet. He was not hairy, but instead was wearing a fur coat. The person, who was referred to as “Bigfoot,” then introduced himself as Bobert. He then noticed the group’s feet and seemed startled. Apparently, he “had no idea that someone’s feet could actually be so small.” Bobert explained that his race, the Sasquatches, lived in cabins in the woods. They told stories about “the legendary Smallfoot,” which is an ironic twist to our “Bigfoot” stories. The group then got to meet Bobert’s family, who also have names that would come across as odd to most humans. After bringing the family of Sasquatches to a nearby city, it was revealed to us that there are millions of them around the world as well. Next time you see a “Bigfoot sighting” online, know that they might just be sharing “Smallfoot'' sightings to their friends as well.

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