• A Note

    I entered my third-grade classroom, a small room with desks spaced far from one another, thanks to the covid six-foot rule. I walked over to my teacher and handed her a note, wearing an expression of glee.

  • The Fishy Afterlife

    You see, I’m a dead fish. My name is Robert III. You may be wondering, Who would name a fish? Well, all fish have names, thank you very much. Your next question might be, Wait, if you’re dead, how are you telling this story?

  • Him and his story

    My mother still wants to know why he was the one. After all, for my whole life, I have wanted to be a chef, and now that I am one my life has been fulfilled. Until I met Luke, the most unlikely of all men.

  • Mac 'n Cheesy

    “I promise this time!” Louisa cried as she watched the man across from her, desperation clogging up her throat. Eric’s shoulders sagged, as if the weight of choosing his next sentence might crush him.

  • WTH Ralph

    After parties are good; I like after parties.
    Especially with Ralph. Ralph is my best friend, who is so funny, but in a smart, almost whimsical way.

  • My (Past) Fear of Dogs

    When I was little, I used to be scared of dogs. I'm uncertain where this fear came from, but it was powerful. So, when my parents agreed to get a dog after months of my younger brother Ben begging, I was petrified.