city to country

i once lived in a city

a small city

but densely packed

i remember my old house


three stories

i moved more than a year ago

not long ago

but i barely remember my old life

i do remember it was 5th grade

a horrible year

my dog passed

i got COVID right before christmas

i broke my arm right before i was free from the wretched year

summer wasn't summer

stuck downstairs

barely got outside

not that outside was much anyway

no backyard

just a dull, pavement driveway


the first time i visited my new house

was the day after school ended

my arm still in a sling

a few hours drive

there and back took all day

though the house wasn't ours yet

we were visiting it

to see what it had to offer


moving day

me and my mom

my two cats

a car full of things


camping inside the house on inflatable beds

half our belongings in a moving truck

but the air was fresh

not squished between houses

unlike anything i'd ever known

this is my home




13 years old

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